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Kilimanjaro from Barranco
EWP has over 25 years of experience in organising mountain climbing, trekking and safaris taking place in Africa, Europe and Central Asia.

EWP first started off in Kenya where the famous Mount Kenya is located on the equator and you can climb to the beautiful peaks that are protected by cliffs and glaciers. Your safety and comfort on any trip is of great importance to both EWP and Zara, so every step is made to ensure that your experiences are ones that will fulfill your dreams and stay as life-long memories.

Within each of our destinations we have a core of fully qualified guides who accompany our expeditions, many of them local to the area. We are able to accomodate groups of any size and are happy to help you book your next adventure!

Information for mountaineers, travellers and researchers for:
  • East Africa: Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya, Rwenzori, Mt Meru, Mt Elgon etc.
  • East Europe: Mt Elbrus & Caucasus, Tatra, Romania, Bulgaria.
  • Georgia: Mt Kazbek, Caucasus.
  • East Russia: Kamchatka, Baikal and Tuva.
  • Central Asia: Pamir and Tien Shan.
  • West Europe: Azores, Italian Alps
  • Turkey: Mt Ararat, Capadoccia
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